Haiti cholera updates, 2022 cholera outbreak Haiti
The Ministry of Health and Population (MSPP) announced that at least seven people died of cholera as of Oct. 2 but some anti-government protesters say the government is spreading misinformation so they could end ongoing protests and lift the lockdown. Photo by Onz Chéry for The Haitian Times

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Twenty-two people have died of cholera in Kenscoff, a commune of Pétion-Ville, in a 9-day period, a local official told The Haitian Times. The deaths are among nearly 700 confirmed cases and 7,201 suspected cases that national health authorities reported last week. 

Massillon Jean, Kenscoff’s interim executive agent, said the 22 deaths happened in different parts of his commune between Oct. 31 and Nov. 8. Three people died in the section of Grand-Fond, two others in Soursailles and 17 in the Bellefontaine area. He said more than 80 other people were infected.


Twenty-two people have died of cholera in Kenscoff, Haiti, from Oct.31 to Nov. 8, prompting Kenscoff officials to set up a management team that includes community health agents.

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