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  1. I am so confused. While the Haitian Times is publishing articles that falls in line with saying that the cause of the Haitian Crisis is the result of gangs; the alleged “perpetrators/ gang members” have quite a different message that says that they’re only fighting to eliminate the corruption that’s plaguing the country. Which narrative is true?

    And in the face of unbiased reporting, why isn’t any of the narratives from the actual perpetrators being published? Isn’t that what true journalism is about?

    After not seeing any articles from the other side being posted, I am forced to think that there’s some type of one-sided agenda going on. And just to be clear, I’m not saying that what Barbecue is averring is true. I’m not for him or against him, but what I am saying is that if his message is not true, should we not publish it, then engage in a fact-checking mission to show the readers it’s faults, in order to dissuade the masses from being sympathetic to his cause??? Or if his message is true, should we not put it out there so legitimate reform can be made???

    1. Thanks for your comment. Here are a few Haitian Times articles where “the other side” spoke with us, including Cherizier’s transition plan for governing Haiti. Keep in mind too that they don’t always want to be interviewed.

      EXCLUSIVE: Chérizier reveals transition plan for Haiti

      In Haiti, “gangs” reside where caring for community and corruption collide

      Gang leader vows to squash violent protesters to ensure peaceful Oct. 17 march

      Battle for Bel Air Turns Fatal as Residents Resist Gang Takeover

      Chérizier snuffs out lives, while fighting for his own, accusers and defenders say


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