haiti earthquake 2010, planes in haiti, help for haiti
Groups wait on the tarmac in the days after the 2010 earthquake.

By Garry Pierre-Pierre

When the earthquake flattened Haiti in 2010, a troop of young Haitian Americans descended on their homeland with the noble mission of sharing their expertise. They were lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs and others filled with altruism willing to lend a hand in the rebuilding process. 


To help Haiti, you must do it from the outside at first. Now that Haiti finds itself on the precipice of total chaos, strengthening our communities should be the way forward. 

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Garry Pierre-Pierre is a Pulitzer-prize winning, multimedia and entrepreneurial journalist. In 1999, he left the New York Times to launch the Haitian Times, a New York-based English-language publication serving the Haitian Diaspora. He is also the co-founder of the City University Graduate School of Journalism‘s Center for Community and Ethnic Media and a senior producer at CUNY TV.