From left to right it is Judite Blanc, Guitele Rahill and Fednold Thelisdort

MIAMI — With Haitians in the U.S. often categorized solely as Black, several academic researchers based in Florida are undertaking studies they hope will surface more data specifically about Haitian Americans. The researchers are looking at how factors such as immigration, economic status and language make the Haitian experience unique in hopes of reducing inequalities.

“Not only are we exposed to all the discrimination, all the inequalities that Black people are exposed to in the U.S., but on top of it, you have everything that's happening in Haiti,” said Judite Blanc, a research assistant professor at the University of Miami leading “The Haitian Well-being Study.”

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Ashley Miznazi is a Report for America corps member covering the Haitian community in the South Florida/Miami area for The Haitian Times. Her work will heavily feature photography, video and other multimedia storytelling. Previously, Ashley was a multimedia fellow at The Texas Tribune, where she reported on DACA, Afghan resettlement and the foster care system.