Census Bureau reports show latest data on Haitian-American population in America

WISCONSIN — An estimated 1.1 million people of Haitian ancestry lived in the United States as of 2019, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s 14 percent higher than the 2015 estimate and 33 percent higher than the 2010 numbers reported. 

On the surface, it appears the Haitian population in major metropolitan areas stayed relatively stable or dropped, while rising slightly in smaller metro areas. However, population experts, including those at the Census Bureau, have said it’s hard to say exactly which areas are gaining or losing population because of issues with data collection. 
Still, the following charts of estimated figures at different points in time do provide an idea of where the Haitians are. To view or explore the data further, check the Census tables for your area.

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J.O. Haselhoef is the author of “Give & Take: Doing Our Damnedest NOT to be Another Charity in Haiti.” She co-founded "Yonn Ede Lot" (One Helping Another), a nonprofit that partnered with volunteer groups in La Montagne ("Lamontay"), Haiti from 2007-2013. She writes and lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.