A plane crashed in Port-au-Prince on Apr. 20, 2022. Photo by Jean Elie Fortune

By Murdith Joseph and Juhakenson Blaise

This is a developing story.

4/23, 7:00 p.m. Update: Laurent Dumas, general director of Haiti’s National Civil Aviation Office (OFNAC), told local media that the plane that crashed in Carrefour belonged to Nicolas Kawoly and is registered at OFNAC under the “private plane status.” The aircraft is CESS NA 207 and was not licensed or authorized to operate interdepartmental commercial flights, Dumas added.

“After a good ten minutes after takeoff, the pilot launched an emergency alert,” Dumas said. “He made it clear that he had lost his engine.”

“The pilot made the wrong decision when he chose to crash-land at Carrefour rather than in seawater,” Dumas added, noting that OFNAC is working to determine the root cause and contributing causes of the crash.

Justice of the Peace Moïse Jean confirmed that those who died in the accident are Gamaniel Valcin, Edma Richard, Patrice Laroche, Mimine Mérilien, pilot Amado Gutierrez, who died at a hospital, and a biker.

4/22, 8:30 a.m. Update: OFNAC announced that it banned all private planes from flying Apr. 21 while an investigation is underway to determine what caused the crash, according to the Associated Press. Authorities described the plane as a Cessna 207 and said it was flying from Port-au-Prince to  Jacmel.

Gabriel Valcin, a Montreal man, is among those who died, according to Paule Robitaille, a member of the Quebec Liberal Party, via Twitter.

Original story published 4/20

PORT-AU-PRINCE — At least six people died and others injured after a small plane crashed in Carrefour, Port-au-Prince Apr. 20, a justice of the peace told local reporters. 

The five people on the plane and a taxi-moto driver died as a result of the crash, Justice of Peace Moïse Jean said.

The pilot of the plane that was heading to Jacmel, Amado Gutierrez, died after being transported to the hospital. 

The plane hit a truck carrying soda bottles when it tried to land on a road in Carrefour, according to Global News.

The truck and a tap tap pick-up truck flipped during the incident, which led to more people getting injured. They were getting transported to the hospital.

“I am deeply saddened by the crash of a small plane on the road of Carrefour, which caused deaths and injuries,” Prime Minister Ariel Henry tweeted. “I send my sympathy to the families of the victims, whom this new tragedy has just plunged into the greatest desolation.”

Images circulating on social media show dead bodies lying on the pavement.

Police reported to the scene.

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