Gonaives police station,
The main police station in Gonaives, where a police officer committed suicide on Apr. 18, 2022.

By Juhakenson Blaise

GONAIVES — A police officer who apparently killed three family members, then committed suicide on Apr. 18 had suffered from mental illness, officials with Haiti National Police (PNH) said.

Officer Blémur Accilé shot his sister Wisline Accilé, his niece Roosederlie Céide and his brother-in-law Yfradieu Céide, said Vanel Amisial, a Gonaïves city 

commissioner, via local radio Référence FM. He then died by suicide.

The circumstances surrounding the apparent murder-suicide are not yet known, but investigators are already working on the case, Amisial said.

Garry Desrosiers, a PNH spokesperson, told The Haitian Times that Accilé had suffered from mental illness.

“The parents of Accilé had revealed that the police officer suffered from undiagnosed and untreated mental disorders,” Desrosiers said.

Blémur was an Agent 1 of the 28th promotion of the Haitian National Police.

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