Saint-Marc's courthouse,
Residents stand near the front entrance of Saint-Marc's Courthouse. Photo via AyiboPost

By Murdith Joseph

PORT-AU-PRINCE — The National Association of Haitian Clerks, ANAGH, said it plans to continue a strike against pay disparities and discrimination after government officials failed to respond to earlier demonstrations.

ANAGH represents judicial clerks in 18 jurisdictions across Haiti. It began the nationwide work stoppage Apr. 12 to demand that the Minister of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) carry through on promises made last year to improve work conditions. One week later, it said  the MJSP and Haitian government’s failure to give any concrete response to their demands prompted the strike to continue.

In January, the judicial system also experienced a work stoppage while the clerks demanded the a statute be protected and an end to discrimination in the Haitian judicial system.

On Apr.18, the Collective of Lawyers for the Defense of Human Rights, known by French acronym CADDOH, said it is concerned the work stoppage is a handicap to the judicial system.

“As a lawyer, I advise the clerks and the Minister of Justice to sit down and address the issues, in particular that of the disturbing wage disparity,” attorney Arnel Remy said in a press conference.

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