Philippe “Pipo” Mabial,
Police officer Philippe “Pipo” Mabial was kidnapped in Port-au-Prince Feb. 15.

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Family members of a kidnapped police officer earlier this week were anxiously waiting to confirm Thursday whether a body allegedly found is his. 

Unidentified armed bandits had kidnapped officer Philippe “Pipo” Mabial Feb. 15, sources close to the family said. A caller then contacted the family, demanding a ransom of USD $100,000 for his release. The family said it did not have such a large amount of money.

On Feb. 17, WhatsApp group chats began circulating rumors about a police officer’s body being found at Carrefour Aviation, a crossroad of Boulevard Jean Jacques Dessalines et Delmas 2.. However, the family was not able to identify the mutilated body as Mabial’s late Thursday. 

With snatchings such Mabial’s on the rise, residents are calling on authorities to stop the resurgence of kidnappings around Port-au-Prince and the neighboring localities. During the weekend of Feb. 4 alone, a wave of kidnappings has left more than twenty taken for ransom, local media reported.

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