Women waiting in line to speak with Sogebank staff members. Photo via Canal 11

CAP-HAITIEN — Some Sogebank clients’ bank accounts were zapped to zero gourdes temporarily after the bank went out of service for five days. Haiti’s largest bank has since returned to operations as of late Feb. 16, but the days-long outage left customers without access to their funds.

“Please, give me my money,” Cassie Azur, a software engineer, told Sogener in a Feb. 16 tweet. “I worked hard. I don’t have people giving me money.”

It is unclear what prompted the”technical failure,” the bank said caused the bank to be out of service for about five days. The bank’s app, Sogebelonline and clients’ cards were all out of order, leaving customers unable to make purchases and slowed down business activities. 

“As we apologize for the inconveniences caused by this interruption, Sogebank Group thanks its loyal customers and partners for their patience and understanding,” a Feb. 14 statement reads.

Founded in 1986, Sogebank has 42 branches in Haiti.

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  1. Please I have a family emergency, I need my money. You people have no conscience for others

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