Port-au-Prince residents protesting against the kidnapping of businessman Roland Trouillot. Photo via Rota News

PORT-AU-PRINCE – Residents of Delmas took to the streets Feb.1 to demand the release of neighbor Roland Trouillot, whose kidnapping in broad daylight was captured on a video that has since gone viral.

Earlier that day, Trouillot, owner of Matco Hardware, was walking down a street in Delmas 19. A white Suzuki SUV with tinted windows pulled over close to the curb and four men wearing black balaclava masks and holding toting automatic rifles exited. 

Two stood guard on the driver’s side of the vehicle, apparently to block incoming traffic, while another pair walked up to Trouillot, who appeared to be taken aback. They forced him off the sidewalk and pushed him into the vehicle, the drove off.

Several passersby and motorists continued past as the kidnapping occurred, seemingly oblivious, the video shows. 

During Tuesday’s protests, residents blocked roads with fiery barricades as they demanded Trouillot’s release, causing traffic jams in the area.

Local media outlets identified the victim as Trouillot. It is unclear whether a ransom demand has been made.

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