Côte des Arcadins,
Poolside at Wahoo Bay in La Côte des Arcadins. Photo credit: SBPR

CÔTE DES ARCADINS, Haiti — Acting Prime Minister Henry said on Jan.13 that he is taking his cabinet and office staff to a government retreat meant to improve cohesion between the two.

Cabinet and staff at the Primature, as the Prime Minister’s office is called, are meeting Jan.13 and 14 at the Côte des Arcadins, the small resort island north of Port-au-Prince. Besides ensuring the two groups work cohesively, the ability to better articulate the government’s action plan is also among the goals of the retreat.

Via Twitter, Henry said the meeting will help optimize the results of the government’s plan for the country.

Details about the government’s plan were not provided. It is also unclear how long the two government groups will be working together since Henry’s role is temporary.

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