Kidnapping in Florida,
Marie Dorsainvil (left) and Occius Dorsainvil (right) were arrested in Florida on charges of kidnapping, attempted murder and armed robbery. Photo via New York Post

MIAMI — A Haitian couple is being held without bond, accused of kidnapping a man, torturing him for three days and making him drink bleach, Miami police said.

Marie Dorsainvil, 51, and Occius Dorsainvil, 56, confessed to their crimes in an appearance in a Miami-Dade courtroom Jan. 7 and are being charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and armed robbery. The victim has yet to be identified.

It all started in December, when Marie Dorsainvil invited the man to her apartment for sex after he gave her a ride. She told him that her husband was in Haiti, according to NBC Miami.

While the man was sitting on the couch with the wife, Occius Dorsainvil came into the apartment, armed with a gun. Occius threatened to kill the man and tied his hands and feet with a rope.

The next day, the couple forced the victim to record a statement, saying that he was having an affair with Marie Dorsainvil. They also threatened to kill him if he didn’t eat his excrement, so the man refused to eat any food they offered.

The couple also demanded the man give them $50,000 in cash and the title to his car, police said.

On the third day, the couple allegedly forced the man to drive them to a location using his car, made him drink bleach mixed with Rhum Barbancourt, then let him go.

The man passed out, then ran for help. Police later found the couple and arrested the pair.

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