Reporters John Wesley (left) and Wilguens Louissaint (right) were killed in Port-au-Prince.

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Gang members killed two reporters on Jan. 6 right after the journalists finished reporting on the ongoing violence in Laboule 12, Port-au-Prince, according to TV5 Monde.

John Wesley Amady was shot then burned alive, Radio Ecoute FM, Amady’s employer, wrote in a statement. Wilguens Louissaint, who worked for another news outlet, was also shot. Wilmann Vil, another reporter, managed to escape. The trio was attacked by members of Toto’s gang, according to Rezo Nodwes, Creole for Northwest Network.

“We condemn with the utmost rigor this criminal and barbaric act,” said Francky Attis, general director of Radio Ecoute FM, in the statement. “It was a serious violation against the right of life and for the journalists, in particular, a serious violation of the rights of them to exercise their profession freely in the country.”

Radio Ecoute FM, French for Listen Radio FM, is based in Montreal, Canada.

It is unclear why the gang attacked the two reporters. The ongoing violence in Laboule 12 exacerbated last summer, with gang members regularly engaging in shootouts to gain control of territories.

“During this insecurity crisis, criminal activities and growing impunity, we’re asking concerned authorities to take responsibility and create favorable security conditions for all,” Attis said. “Justice for John Wesley Amady.”

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