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Attendees at a "Haiti Through Music" event with BIC Tizon Dife hold a SHALI banner in November 2016, at Uniondale Public Library. Courtesy: SHALI

An earlier version of this story stated that Rose-Bienvil met Dorsica at North Shore University Hospital, when in fact the front desk staff at the hospital referred Dorsica to SHALI founder Rose-Bienvil. The story was also updated to reflect Rose-Bienvil's occupation of mental and public health professional. The previous version stated that she was a mental health nurse.

UNIONDALE, NY — When Slovenia Dorisca’s two-year-old got sick with the flu, she rushed to North Shore University Hospital for help. With no job and no financial support after arriving from the U.S. border a few months prior, she broke down in tears when a hospital worker told her she would have to pay out of pocket since her daughter did not have health insurance. 

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