Dental surgeon Makindy Guerrier died on Dec. 12 in a hospital in the Dominican Republic following his injuries in an attempted kidnapping, several local stations reported.

Dental surgeon Guerrier was shot and wounded during an armed attack in Bois-Verna, Port-au-Prince, on Dec. 4. Guerrier and his wife have been the victims of an attempted kidnapping by armed individuals. 

Dr. Guerrier, who had tried to resist the kidnappers’ attempt, was hit by two bullets, one in the shoulder and the other in the 7th cervical vertebra. Following the gunshots, he had all four of his limbs paralyzed.

A call for mobilization was launched in favor of the victim to help him leave the country to receive appropriate care for his case in a hospital in the Dominican Republic. Last week Haitians in Haiti and in the diaspora have sent money through the money transfer applications zelle and Cashapp in an attempt to save the doctor’s life.

The 36-year-old doctor and father of two daughters who live in the US has finally given up in a hospital in the neighboring Dominican Republic.

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