PORT-AU-PRINCE — Armed gangs clashed with law enforcement in the neighborhoods of Martissant at the southern entrance to Port-au-Prince on Nov. 9, according to reports from local radio stations.

Residents testified that the clashes started in the early morning and lasted throughout the evening. At least one vehicle belonging to Haitian Armed Forces was set on fire.

No injuries were reported, though gunfire could be heard throughout the daylong standoff.

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  1. I know how to stop the clashes withe the gangs, and stop the gangs from doing kidnappings.
    I think my strategy would stop it in 1 week.
    I would need to communicate with a gang or 2 to demonstrates that my strategy would work.
    I am looking for contacts in Haiti.

  2. I expect more of the PNH. No injuries although there was gunfire all day long? Sounds like a major training deficiency on both sides to me. PNH loses another vehicle. No problem. The US is sending another three dozen. Game = Gangs 1, PNH 0, once again…

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