Activities across Haiti have been halted as a result of the ongoing fuel shortage crisis, reported Le Nouvelliste and local radio station Radio Métropole.

The majority of gas stations in Port-au-Prince and in other departments were closed Oct. 26. Gangs with the G9 & Family Allies coalition have blocked access to the Varreux port terminal, where the majority of Haiti’s fuel products are stored.

Telephone company Digicel said 433 of its sites are not currently functioning due to fuel shortages and transportation issues.

The technical operating center of the National Direction of Drinking Water (DINEPA) of the metropolitan region of Port-au-Prince may no longer be able to supply drinking water to the municipalities of Delmas, Tabarre and Cité Soleil. DINEPA’s director, Paul Libenson Théodate, said it is in dire need of 15,000 gallons of diesel per week to continue operating, calling the situation “critical.”

Other sectors are experiencing similar difficulties. The National Ambulance Center (CAN), which normally operates six to eight ambulances, is down to two. Its director general, Hérold Louis, said the center may stop operating entirely in coming days if fuel does not become available. Employees are not even able to find any means of transportation to come to work, Louis said. Read more

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