I’m 48, I’m Black and I work in IT. That they chose me says a lot about the values of Université de Montréal.”


The Université de Montréal (UdeM) has appointed entrepreneur Frantz Saintellemy as its new chancellor. He is currently president and chief operating officer of LeddarTech, a Quebec company that develops microprocessors and software for the automobile industry and has sat on the university’s board for four years. Mr. Saintellemy was inspired to become involved with the institution by both Louise Roy, the former chancellor who held the position from 2008 to 2018, and her vision for UdeM’s future.

When he was first approached about taking on the role he was surprised, but any doubts have now dissipated, and he is now confident that he’s the right person to guide the Montreal university as it enters a new chapter and is looking forward to his four-year term.

Mr. Saintellemy describes himself as a “product of education,” and considers postsecondary education to be a “societal stepping-stone.” That’s also why he firmly believes that primary and secondary schools should try to “encourage [young people] to think bigger and do more.” According to him, “we have to make sure we don’t lose [young people] at the start [of the education cycle] so they get the best possible chances” for their future.Continue reading

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