President Joe Biden signed over a dozen executive orders on his first day in office, promising to undo some of his predecessor's controversial policies. Photo courtesy of Out Sports.

On the first day of his presidency, Joe Biden signed more than a dozen executive orders into effect, including one to reinstate programs that helped refugees. Although these orders stood in stark contrast to the stance of the outgoing Trump Administration, Biden also chose to keep some of his predecessor’s policies in place, including certain laws relating to immigration. 

Such laws, specifically Title 42, have come under scrutiny as the Biden administration authorized the deportation of more than 14,000 Haitian asylum seekers from the U.S.-Mexico border recently. Now, even with the Del Rio bridge camp cleared, the deportations to Haiti have continued, with 57 flights to Haiti conducted throughout September. Haitian-Americans, immigrant advocates and immigration experts alike are calling on Biden to hold true to his campaign promise of providing equitable treatment for Black and brown immigrants. They want him to put an end to his predecessor’s hardline immigration policy. 

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