Founder Nasrin Jean-Baptiste has created an It bag with a socially conscious agenda.


In fashion, oftentimes the story behind a piece is as intriguing as the design itself. Apart from offering context, understanding the full picture undoubtedly makes one appreciate the end result that much more. This is certainly true when it comes to the many colorful fringed bags of luxury brand Petit Kouraj.

Playful by design, each style is made entirely by hand to be equal parts lively and chic—and completely unique. Founded by Nasrin Jean-Baptiste, the brand’s coveted woven fringe bag, in particular, has a vacation quality and comes in an array of trend-proof colors.

A stylist at the time, the London-born designer had just returned from a trip to Haiti and was looking for a way to connect with her roots when the idea for Petit Kouraj—or “little courage” in Haitian Creole—was born. Today, the brand is revered for its selection of artisanal bags made entirely in her native country, a detail that was especially important to Jean-Baptiste upon getting started.

“I launched my brand in 2018, and from the outset I knew that I wanted to produce in Haiti,” the U.K. native explains to “Not only because it held deep meaning to produce in my ancestral home, but I also knew it would have a real-life significance for the people.”Continue reading

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