Heavily armed criminals have made it impossible to operate at the Varreux gas terminal, the main storage and distribution center for gasoline products, disrupting daily life and some businesses reliant on fuel, local media reports.

In a letter published Sept. 7, the Association of Petroleum Professionals called on Justice and Public Safety Minister Rockefeller Vincent to address the insecurity that directly impacts the loading of trucks  for distribution in gas terminals, according to Le Nouvelliste.

The director of the Office for Monetization of Official Development Assistance, Aîmé Ignace Saint Fleur denies any responsibility for this week’s fuel shortage. He said this institution has fulfilled its task of regulating the oil sector by ensuring the availability of hydrocarbons on the national territory.

Saint Fleur also said 500,000 barrels of gasoline and 200,000 barrels of diesel were expected to be delivered to Haiti. The problem lies in the transport of gasoline from the terminals to the stations. Only the Thorland terminal at Carrefour is still operational, deplored Mr. Saint Fleur, Radio Metropole reported.

Among the businesses affected is Local Radio Caraibes, which was not on air Thursday due to the inability to stock up on fuel, local Radio Métropole reported.

The station’s general manager, Bregard Anderson, said the radio was unable to broadcast over the air due to lack of carburant and deplores this situation. He said the authorities explained that gas products are available but cannot be delivered to gas stations due to insecurity.

“We have no choice but to wait for the situation to improve,” said Anderson.

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  1. Again, Green Jobs for Haiti 501c3 in CA is bent on medseyen for biodiesel making Haiti resilient and a regional energy exporter, gaining prestige on the world stage for Haitian workers, like when it was “the breadbasket of the Caribbean”.

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