Tennis star Naomi Osaka’s donation to Haiti earthquake relief sets a great example that anyone can follow. Osaka pledged, before the Western and Southern Open tournament in Cincinnati, to donate all winnings to Haiti.

She made it to the third round of the tournament and raised $50,000 after The Western Southern Financial Group matched her donation. Most importantly, Osaka raised awareness of the emergency in Haiti. One of the big challenges is keeping crisis areas overseas in the spotlight.

The needs are massive in Haiti following the Aug. 14 earthquake. The same area hit by the quake also was devastated by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Thousands have died and many families have lost their homes. Haiti, which was already reeling from hunger and poverty, is now in desperation.

There are other countries in crisis, too. Famine is threatening Madagascar, Yemen and South Sudan. The ongoing crisis in Afghanistan is one of extreme hunger for about 14 million people. Children are perishing daily from malnutrition in these countries, yet many could be saved if the world cared more.

According to the U.N. World Food Program (WFP), there are 43 countries facing extreme hunger. These nations are also battling the spread of COVID-19.Continue reading

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