Responders unloading tarpaulins and sheets out of an helicopter to distribute to earthquake survivors. Photo via Civil Protection's Twitter account

Protection Civil workers and other responders delivered sheets and tarpaulins to 10,000 families affected by the Aug. 14 earthquake in L’Asile and Pestel Monday. 

L’Asile, located in the Nippes department and Pestel, a commune in the Grand-Anse department, were two areas that were overlooked, residents have said.

The other responders who took part in the distribution were from the U.S. Army, USAID, UN Migration in Haiti and the Embassy of the Republic of China in Haiti.

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  1. This news of the distribution of tarps and other supplies is heart-lifting. Thank you.
    In daily conversations as late as 9-5-21 we find a number of families without shelter from rain and sun along Rue Capitale Prolongee a Presque Isles, enface de l’hotel La Cayenne.
    Aussi de grand besoin sont les visites par les Inspecteurs des Immobliers de etablirs leurs certifications des maisons et autres immeubles.
    Thus far there seems not to have been a verification of buildings for the sake of declaring each one:
    -safe to enter and put to normal use.
    -unsafe, but repairable.
    -unrepairable, to be demolished.
    There continues to be a need for heavy machinery around that area which by the way is not very far from the Cathedral that supposedly is also to be demolished.
    Other concerns are the concrete wharf at Les Cayes and so many structures going into the higher elevations and west to Les Coteaux and along the coastline and mountains around to Cap Dame Marie and Jeremie.
    The recovery will never be complete.
    There isn’t the legal infrastructure to ensure that harmed proprietors will find relief and assistance to re-establish themselves and rejoin with the economy.
    Of course the leadership is deeply concerned that the economy of Haiti recovers however we shall not see that happen even with physical reparations being completed allowing tax producing commerce to agan be underway.
    Worse than the earthquake, Haiti’s gangs continue to erode the essence of Haitian life, investment and re-investment.
    How many Haitians have simply gone abroad during the past year 2020-2021? Might they return?
    Gangs destroy middle-class ambitions.
    A country without a strong middle-class is not a nation. It is an oligarchy. An oligarchy is not a democracy.
    Is Haiti really a democracy?
    Often times throughout human history, major events of natural and man-made destruction wrought upon productive civilizations have forced populations to make their decisions for life going forward.
    Will Haitians do so?
    From needing shelter under a tarp to rebuilding towns and facilities, and to establishing that law and order prevails over-all, might Haiti become such a nation under the present circumstances?
    Not without enforced change by the population.
    Haitians cannot accept that conditions remain as they are.
    The earthquake’s latent effects should be very apparent by now.
    Why must thousands of individuals continue to suffer at the will of outlaws? There is not an excuse.
    Did not this earthquake’s effects make you wonder?

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