Bocchit Edmond, Haiti’s Ambassador to the U.S., spoke up about the screenshot of himself shirtless while video chatting with a woman. Photo credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP

Bocchit Edmond, Haiti’s Ambassador to the U.S., said a picture of him shirtless while video chatting with a woman is part of a character assassination campaign. It is unclear who the woman is in the screenshot since half of her face was cropped out.

“This odious campaign, which seeks to attack my morality, is, in fact, acts of intimidation carried out by dark forces that seek to subvert national institutions for personal gain and for the exclusive benefit of their clan’s interest,” Edmond wrote in a statement he posted on Twitter.

YouTuber John Colem Morvan was among the first people who posted the screenshot on his Facebook page. 

“Claude Joseph acted against the diplomat in the Bahamas, let’s see what he will do against this diplomat,” Morvan wrote on his Facebook account.

Morvan was referencing the case of Karl-Henry Châtelier, Haiti’s former Consul to the Bahamas. He was fired in September 2020 after a video allegedly of him pleasuring himself surfaced on social media. Joseph, then the minister of foreign affairs, fired Châtelier.

The Haitian government has yet to speak about the screenshot. But Edmond wrote on his Twitter account that “The truth will set [him] free.”

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