August 22, 2021

Interview with Jean David Brinard, mayor of Maniche (part 2)

IInterview with Pastor Garry François

Worshippers hold service in courtyard after earthquake destroys church, killing girl

Interview with earthquake survivor Irene Desravines

August 21, 2021

Interview with Jude Edouard Pierre, mayor of Carrefour
Interview with Sinal Bertrand, a doctor and a former deputy representing Port Salut

Interview with Dr. Peterson Gédé, medical director of Les Cayes General Hospital
Dr. Peterson Gédé, medical director of Les Cayes General Hospital, said a group of mental health professionals will come to the hospital next week to provide psychological care, two days per week, for the patients, their families and the hospital’s staff. Everyone is having a hard time, he said, as they face injuries and material losses.

Gédé also said the orthopedic supplies the hospital has received is inadequate considering the high volume of injured patients needing treatment. The hospital really needs more support because all the major cases will come there.

He also called for help from those not directly affected by the earthquake and the international community. 

The south needs all the help it can get, Gédé said. 

Construction machines clearing the rubble following the earthquake. The rubble is put in trucks to be thrown away. Several Haitian army soldiers were on the scene as well as dozens of civilians watching the clearing.

August 20, 2021

A United Nations helicopter bringing donated food and other items lands in Les Cayes, Haiti, on Friday, Aug. 20, as part of the ongoing relief effort to the earthquake-ravaged area.

Ezechiel Rousseau a resident of Martissant, Port-au-Prince went back to the home that fatally fell on his mom oh his parents during the quake. His mom and dad left Martissant when residents relocated in other areas because of gangs violence.

Haïti ex-president Michel Martelly visits Les Cayes
Haïti ex-president Michel Martelly visits Les Cayes

Earthquake survivors fight for food, supplies

Dr Lesly Grandin provides primary care to injured survivors at a camp

Clothes distribution in a tent city, Les Cayes. Aug 19, 2021

Dr Lesly Grandin visits earthquake survivors to give first care to injured people. Aug 19, 2021

UN convoy leaving carrefour for Les Cayes.

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