Capracare workers operate mobile health clinics in Les Cayes. Courtesy photo.

As a result of numerous inquiries we’ve received, The Haitian Times has developed this short list of organizations that have long-standing track records of providing services on the ground and have been fiscally transparent. It has been updated from the original publisher based on new information other credible organizations have provided.


Earthquake Relief Drive and Services

New York/Les Cayes


Fonkoze’s Response: Aug 2021 Earthquake

Washington, D.C.


Haitian Global Health Alliance


Haitian Americans United for Progress

New York

Hope for Haiti

Earthquake Relief Fund

Les Cayes 

University of Miami 

Haiti Earthquake Relief 2021 – Medical Supplies


Reconstruction Assistance

Build Change

Retrofitting or rebuilding demonstration houses and schools; providing conditional cash grants and technical assistance support


Miyamoto Relief

Collecting funds for school reconstruction efforts



Building a research/computer center for the schools in Lamontay



Building materials for 250 houses, 30 cisterns and 10 community toilets


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  1. Dayspring Ministries Haiti was on the ground providing food for the people in four tent cities in the Bon Repos area. We’re a non-profit with 99% of all monetary donations going directly to the Light & Peace Ministries in Bon Repos. Pastor Ronald Lefranc at Elgise Baptiste Lumiere et Paix is an honest man. He’s the director of our 50 child orphanage and with several committees directs 50 associated churches and many church schools. We received over $400,000 in donations for the 2010 earthquake and all were used specifically for relief. Dayspring Ministries has been a 501,3 organization since 1984.

  2. Visitation Hospital Petite Riviere de Nippes built in 1999, is located 20 miles from the epicenter and suffered no damage so is able to treat the injured, gather food and water, and has Haitian staff to assist in providing high quality care. Please donate if possible
    Visitation Hospital Foundation
    237 Old Hickory Blvd. Suite 100 Nashville Tn 37221

  3. +1 for Fonkoze which was started by Fr Joseph Phillipe C.C.Sp (the Spiritan Congregation) decades ago. They do great work along with the Haiti Parish Twinning Program. The HPTP has been remarkably successful in implementing sustainable, local development projects throughout Haiti including building schools, reforestation, and cooperative farming.

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