haiti election
Voters cast ballots during Haiti's controversial 2015 election. Photo by Garry Pierre-Pierre

Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council has set Nov. 7, as the new date to hold the first round of elections for president, the legislature and a controversial constitutional referendum. The second round of presidential and legislative elections is scheduled for January 23, 2022 — the same date as municipal and local elections, which have also been delayed for years.

Haiti currently has no president, following the killing of President Jovenel Moïse in a gruesome attack July 7, nor functioning parliament — only a handful of elected senators. Before he was killed,  Moïse had been ruling by decree and fought calls to resign over the last three years.

Moïse appointed the Electoral Council last September, but its members were not sworn in as required in article 289 of the Haitian Constitution. 

Opposition parties and members of the civil society have strongly criticized the electoral body and called it illegal. This week, they again called for a new council to be installed.

Long-delayed elections are a top priority for Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who took office July 20 after Moïse’s slaying. He pledged to create a peaceful environment for the elections to be held.

Samuel Celiné is a Haitian Times correspondent in Haiti covering politics and social events. He joined the team in July 2021 after working for the online news publication Ayibopost following his time at the Port-au-Prince daily, Le Nouvelliste. He IS ALSO a radio Journalist. Poet in his soul, Celiné loves journalism and has a passion for investigative reporting. Samuel Celiné can be reached at smlceline@gmail.com

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