martissant haiti
Displaced persons in the Gymnasium of the Carrefour sports center. Boulet-Groulx/BINUH

Martissant Mayor Jude Édouard Pierre called on law enforcement authorities to crack down on the gang activity that has killed or injured scores of people and forced businesses to shut down, leading to a sharp drop in tax revenues. 

Businesses have been closed for weeks due to the inability to travel back and forth to obtain supplies in the Port-au-Prince, metropolitan area.

“The Martissant security crisis has created a catastrophic economic impact on the community,” Pierre said on local radio Aug. 11.

Carrefour City Hall officials have collected almost nothing in taxes, said Pierre, drawing attention to the heavy financial burden that comes with more than a thousand residents now being left homeless in the area.

Over the past year, street gangs had been fighting each other, harming bystanders and police alike in their turf wars.

Pierre said law enforcement must intervene to restore peace and tranquility in Martissant, which are essential for a revival of the economy of Carrefour.

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