port-de-paix gas station
Motorcyclists outside of a Port-de-Paix gas station Aug. 4. Photo by Steeve St. Fleur

Scores of motorcyclists took to the streets Wednesday to protest against gasoline shortages in Port-de-Paix that have led to price-gouging practices by street vendors. 

The disgruntled motorists accused gas station owners of selling fuel only to street vendors, who then resell the gas at higher prices. Many said area gas stations are closed during the day and choose to operate only at night, when the street vendors arrive with drums and gallons to fill up. 

Advertised gas prices at area fuel stations range from 235 to 240 gourdes, about $2.40, per gallon. Street vendor prices range from gdes 500 to 750, or $5.35 to $8 per gallon.

Due to a lack of passable roads in the mountainous regions of the north, motorcycles have become the preferred mode of transport in most provinces. Over the years, residents have come to rely on the two-wheeled vehicles for both personal trips and as taxis to travel.

— Correspondent Steeve st. Fleur contributed to this report from Port-de-Paix.

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