frantz mathurin haiti
Frantz Mathurin (center) was scheduled to be installed by Leon Charles on Aug. 3.

Léon Charles, the head of Haiti’s National Police, appointed Frantz Mathurin as north divisional commissioner of police in Cap-Haitien, Haiti’s second largest city district. This is the fifth police commissioner nomination in one year. 

Journalists invited to report on the installation of Mathurin on Aug. 3 abruptly left the room when the new police commissioner was about to speak. They said they are not happy with the planned replacement because the current police commissioner, Eddit T. Sylvain, is doing a good job. 

The government’s delegate for the north, Pierre Deagaul Augustin was among the elected officials, notable residents and other guests invited to the ceremony.

Over the past three weeks, Sylvain has led several operations to crack down on black market gasoline sales in the city. 

— Correspondent Schenaider Versanne contributed to this report from Cap-Haitien.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story originally said that PNH chief Leon Charles was snubbed during the installation of a new department chief. In fact, Charles was not present at the ceremony. The information was alleged by local journalists but was false. The Haitian Times regrets the error.

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