cap haitien gasoline
Law enforcement confiscate gasoline, sold illegally by street vendors. Photo by Duverne Guyno

Police in Haiti’s northern department — known in french as La Direction Départementale du Nord, or DDN — have confiscated gallons of gasoline from street vendors illegally reselling the fuel in Cap-Haitien.

Police commissioner Eddit T. Sylvain led the operation Monday to crack down on black market sales of gasoline, which many vendors routinely purchase from area gas stations to then resell in smaller amounts for a profit. Several DDN police officers seized and loaded the gallons of gasoline into a police pick-up truck for confiscation at police headquarters.

Police did not provide details about the number of gallons confiscated nor how they’ll be disposed of or reused.

Schenaider Versanne contributed to this report.

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