By Anatoly Kurmanaev for the NY Times./ The original text appears here

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — They examined the bodies of Haiti’s slain president and of the mercenaries who are accused of conspiring to kill him. Now they are in hiding, changing their location every few hours, with a backpack full of legal documents that could determine the fate of Haiti’s most important trial in decades.

A judge and two court clerks who collected evidence for the investigation into the killing of President Jovenel Moïse said in interviews and in formal complaints to the prosecutors’ office that unknown callers and visitors had pressured them to modify witnesses’ sworn statements. If they failed to comply, they were told, they could “expect a bullet in your head.”

Their requests for help from the authorities were ignored, said the clerks, Marcelin Valentin and Waky Philostène; and the justice of the peace, Carl Henry Destin, leaving their lives at risk.

The threats also further jeopardized an investigation that experts claim had been marred from the start by irregularities — and which many Haitians fear will not reveal the truth about the killing, despite vows by the country’s current leaders to enact swift justice.

“There are great interests at play that are not interested in solving this case,” Mr. Valentin said. “There’s no progress, no will to find the truth.”Continue reading

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  1. What to believe? Is there a video of the events inside Moise residence? Why are people arrested and not being charged? Who is manipulating opinion? It is quite clear there was a conspiracy. Who stand to benefit? I would echo Mrs Moise call for a UN investigative tribunal. While the UN does not have a good reputation in Haiti, the Haitian justice system is not credible. I hope the truth comes out. Otherwise, there are more dark days ahead.

    They always say there are fighting for the cause of the people. But a former President goes to Cuba for medical care because he does not trust the medical system. A first lady calls on the US and UN to investigate because she does not trust her own justice system. If they are truly fighting for the people, the performance has been a total failure.

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