Haitian-American boxer Darelle Valsaint Jr. Photo via Haiti-Tempo

Darelle Valsaint Jr. overpowered Tshama Mwenekabwe in his first boxing match in the 2020 Olympics. But Vincent Davidson ended his 100 meter butterfly swim race in last place on Thursday in Tokyo.

Mwenekabwe was the most experienced boxer at the Olympics. Valsaint got the best out of him in the Round of 16 via a 4-1 judges’ decision. The 21-year-old had made it to the Round of 16 via a forfeit win. Valsaint will face Gleb Bakshi next on Sunday at 5:36 a.m. eastern time at Kokugikan Arena.

Meanwhile, Davidson finished his race in seventh and last place in 54.81 seconds.

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