On June 18, 2021, Associated Press photojournalist Dieu-Nalio Chery left Haiti after gang members threatened his life because he was covering gang activity in Port-au-Prince. Fearing for his life, and thanks to various photojournalism agencies, Chery relocated to New York City, where he will temporarily work as a researcher and photojournalism professor at CUNY university in New York City. 

In this interview, Chery shares the circumstances that provoked his exit from Haiti.

Video by Leonardo March

See full interview here

Leonardo March is Brooklyn-based visual journalist from Puerto Rico and a Report for America corps member

Leonardo can be reached at Leonardo@haitiantimes.com

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  1. Now a proud subscriber of the Haitian Times here to support & enjoy the great work you guys do.
    One more Thanks for your reliable journalistic work.

  2. Which CUNY school can we register for Dieu-Nalio Chery’s course on Photojournalism?

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