At T-co Islands Restaurant, the bold flavors back up the enticing aromas, owners of the new eatery in Northland said.

Food at the Haitian restaurant – certainly a rare style of cuisine locally – is cooked with care by chef and co-owner Claucia “T-Co” Jean-Louis, a native of the tropical nation.

“I love to cook,” she said. “I’m always in the kitchen. Me, I’m happy. I know the Haitian cooking.”

“My wife can cook,” added her husband, William, who also spends time at the stove. “She loves to cook. That’s why I open a restaurant for her.”

Their daughter, Shelove, also works at the restaurant, located 4466 Cleveland Ave. just south of Morse Road.

It is a mostly carryout operation, with a few tables inside.Continue reading

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