Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader. Photo credit: Juno7

Dominican President Luis Abinader said Monday that he has asked the Haitian government to stop building an irrigation canal at the Massacre River.

“They must stop the works,” Abinader told Noticia Libre.

Abinader added that the canal won’t be able to connect to the river. Rather, he says, a “very difficult” dam needs to be constructed.”

The Massacre River is located in the northern part of the Dominican-Haitian border. Its name derives from the 1937 mass killings of Haitians at that crossing ordered by Dominican leader Rafael Trujillo. Source

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  1. The Dajabón River (also called Massacre River) (French: Rivière du Massacre; Spanish: río Masacre) is a river of the Dominican Republic.It forms the northernmost part of the international border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.. The river got the name “Massacre River” because it was the site of the killing of thirty French buccaneers by Spanish settlers in 1728.

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