The Police Station of Cité Soleil. Photo via Trip Foumi Enfo

A gang took control of a police station in Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince Saturday, according to Haiti Info Pro, to better strategize during the ongoing gang fight.

Heavily armed members of Gabriel “Ti Gabriel” Jean-Pierre’s gang also blocked National Route 1 in Cité Soleil. 

Meanwhile, the police announced Sunday that they regained control of Portail Saint Joseph Police Station in the Southern part of Port-au-Prince. It was occupied by Karche Dife (Spit Fire) gang members for a week.

For about two weeks before moving to Cité Soleil, the gangs had been fighting each other in nearby Martissant. One group brazenly invaded the police station in Cité Soleil last week, killed at least one police officer and made off with at least 18 rifles. 

Between June 5 and June 6, bandits killed eight police police officers, according to a human rights report. Source

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