Residents walking in a street in Port-au-Prince after having to leave home due to a gang fight. Photo credit: AyiboPost

In Port-au-Prince on Sunday, gang members killed at least three police officers in the St. Joseph police station, then set them on fire.

Gang members also took at least 18 rifles from a police station in Cité Soleil and killed at least one police officer inside and injured another Saturday.

One police officer murdered was identified as Divisional Police Inspector Myradel Adolphe. The identities of the others have not been released yet.

Also Sunday, in various sections of Delmas, gang members ordered residents to leave their homes and injured many of them.

Lower Delmas is controlled by the G9 Family and Allies gang, led by notorious leader Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier. It is unclear which gang led the attack in the Delmas neighborhoods.

Over in Martissant, hundreds of residents also fled from home during the six-day gang fight that started last week. 

One gang allegedly involved is from the Grand Ravine commune. They have reportedly joined forces with members of the Five Seconds gang to battle the G9 crew from Ti Bois.

Meanwhile, Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph said via Twitter Sunday that police had reestablished order in Martissant, a different neighborhood that saw gang fighting over six days, leaving many residents dead, according to local reports.

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