Martissant residents fleeing from home with children and babies because gang members have been looting and setting homes in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood on fire. Photo via Vant Bèf Info

Some residents of Martissant fled from their homes Thursday after gang members looted and set houses on fire for three days around the Port-au-Prince neighborhood.

The residents, some fleeing with children and babies, told Vant Bèf Info that they do not know where they’ll end up. 

A gang from nearby Grand Ravine has been battling against the G9 Family and Allies crew based in Ti Bois since Tuesday. The Grand Ravine gang members have been penetrating the homes of the Martissant residents. 

The Grand Ravine gang used to be part of the G9 Family and Allies alliance. Source

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  1. This always shocks me that the citizens of Haiti knows the struggle, the oppression of their people yet they still create war on their peers. This is a humanitarian crisis in Haiti & it needs worldwide attention

  2. You are absolutely correct Arlene!!!!!
    Why create war on each other! It does not make sense… looting, burning houses, occupying residents of the area… For what.
    The govt must act to disarm these bandits!

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