By Fred Lambert for Electrek

Tesla Powerpacks are currently being deployed at a critical hospital in Haiti where it is having issues maintaining sustainable power.

Over the past few years, Tesla’s stationary energy storage solutions have become viable options to help maintain power in remote locations or where the grid is unreliable.

That’s the case for LaGonâve Wesleyan Hospital on Gonâve Island, a small Island in Haiti.

World Hope International, a Christian nonprofit organization working to alleviate poverty, wrote about the hospital:

The 100,000 people who live on the island have no other access to the kind of medical resources the hospital provides. They would have to take a 12-mile trip across the sea in unsafe boats followed by at least two hours overland by bus or taxi (if affordable) to a hospital that may or may not receive them — and that’s if they were able to pay to get off the island in the first place. LaGonâve Wesleyan Hospital never turns anyone away – but it is only as effective as the power that it runs on.

The hospital was built after the earthquake in 2010 and a donor gifted a solar power system to the project. Continue reading

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