By Aayah A. for Travel noire

Looking for a career as a flight cabin crew member? Brenda Orelus AKA Flight Bae B, the Aviation Maven, can help you get hired as a flight attendant. She earned these nicknames through the innovative work she’s done within the aviation and travel industries. 

A first-generation Haitian American, Brenda grew up in South Florida in a city called Weston. Although she has fond memories of growing up there, at times it was very difficult being one of the few Black families in the community.

“Weston was the kind of place where the country club you belonged to was the go-to talking point,” she told Travel Noire. “It just so happened my family belonged to the most prominent club, Weston Hills Country Club, making us an anomaly, to say the least. Not only were we Black, but we were Haitian, adding another level to cultural and racial relations. However, all the lessons Weston taught me prepared me for what I would face in my journey as a Black aviation geek, traveler, and entrepreneur.”

Brenda decided to become a flight attendant in 2013, after she had recently made the difficult decision not to pursue a legal career. She had just spent the past five years advocating for civil rights under the tutelage of prominent attorney Benjamin Crump, who is known for representing the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, among others. It was a truly pivotal time in her life. Continue reading

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