Former Arcahaie Football Club's President Jean Leonard "Izolan" Tout-Puissant.

Rapper Jean Leonard “Izolan” Tout-Puissant announced via Facebook Wednesday that he has stepped down as Arcahaie F.C.’s president.

“Today a group of armed men decided to face me when I thought all people in Arcahaie were my family,” Tout-Puissant said. “Those people without faith, without law took action on May 18, 2021, [when] we were holding a festival to raise money to pay AFC’s debt in the CONCACAF and players’ bonuses.”

Tout-Puissant didn’t specify what the armed men did at the festival.

Arcahaie is the birthplace of the Haitian Flag. On Tuesday, demonstrators torched at least three vehicles to denounce the killing of two town residents. They were shot by men in police uniforms, according to Gazette Haiti.

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