By Chris Flanagan for Boston 25 News

Nathalie Lecorps and Karyn Glemaud busily preparing for the lunch rush. The cousins just launched a brand new food truck in Boston.

It’s called Gourmet Kreyol. They say they’re the only ones in the city serving Haitian food.

“We’re happy to be first to do it and we’re so excited because Boston is the third-largest Haitian community in America,” Glemaud said.

Boston women launch city’s first Haitian food truck

Glemaud is a Boston native. Lecorps is from Miami but moved to Boston in 2018.

Both are of Haitian descent. Their parents were born and raised in Haiti. The name of the truck is named after Lecorp’s parent’s restaurant which they owned in Miami for 22 years. She said the food truck serves an important role. Continue reading

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  1. Congrats ladies, great job
    Much needed in the city of Boston
    Super proud of your accomplishments, keep up the Great work….
    Always remember to seek GOD favors in the good as well the dark days.

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