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A man looks on at protesters gathered in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to protest against the shortage of fuel and against the government. Photo by: REUTERS / Andres Martinez Casares

About 365 local and regional organizations in Haiti have formed a 13-member commission to find solutions to the country’s ongoing sociopolitical crisis.

The “Commission to Search for a Haitian Solution to the Crisis” is made up of representatives from the Episcopal Church of Haiti, the Protestant Federation of Haiti, the Federation of Bars and the Vodou sector. 

Members met Tuesday to talk about their tasks and set deadlines. Source

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  1. I’m highly interested in this developing story. Where are the meetings being held? Are the meetings going to be livestreamed so that we can all participate and assist (good idea)? What are the timelines set? Please keep us informed.

  2. I too am very interested in assisting The Commission in any small way that I can. Is there an on-line support group that can help promote The Commission’s agenda?

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