Association Sportive Cavaly players were attacked inside the team's bus in May. Photo via Haiti-Tempo

Armed men stopped a soccer club bus Saturday, injured two players and made off with shoes, money and phones, the club’s spokesperson said.

Association Sportive Cavaly’s players Evens Jean and Wilkerson Bazile were bleeding from their knee and stomach, respectively, said Guyto Jeudi, the club’s spokesperson. Jeudi didn’t say how each player was assaulted.

About 30 Cavaly players were on the team bus when the attack occurred in Port-au-Prince. They were en route to get tested for COVID-19 before playing in the Flow Caribbean Club Championship in the Dominican Republic on Friday.

Cavaly postponed a game last week due to the ongoing violence. Also in March, Fantom 509 members, a group of masked police officers known for arson, stopped Belize’s soccer team. Source

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