Guerby Geffrard, the delegate and a founding member of a union within the police force, SPNH-17, was shot dead in May.

A police officer wanted for murder and other crimes was found shot dead Saturday in Port-au-Prince, according to local reports.

Guerby Geffrard was wanted on charges of murder, attempted murder and arson and suspected of a member of Fantom 509. The group of masked police officers routinely participates in and claims responsibility for violent activities.

In March, Geffrard accused Léon Charles, the head of the police force, of ordering Jean Rebel Dorcenat to kill him. Dorcenat is the coordinator of disarmament.

“My life, my children’s lives, my wife’s, my family’s life are all in Léon Charles and Dorcenat’s hands,” Geffrard said in an interview about two months before his murder.

Charles and Dorcenat have yet to comment on the accusation. Source

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