Alain Grégoire, the Haitian Association of Futsal's president. Photo via Haiti-Tempo

The Haitian Association of Futsal made public the list of players chosen to take part in the indoor soccer World Cup qualifiers.

The qualifiers are scheduled to start May 3 and end on May 9 in Guatemala.

Here’s the list of the players selected: 

Goalkeepers: Judler Delva (Violette AC) and Jonathas Steve Charles (Gunners / Canada) 

Defenders: Shaquille Michaud (Sporting Mtl / Canada), Dumorne Emmanuel (Sparte FC / Canada), Danny Macean (Cinque Stelle FC / Canada) and Bernick Monfort (Gunners / Canada).

Midfielders: Dylan Barthelemy (Gunners / Canada), Ritch-Andy Jean-Pierre (Maestro FC Mtl / Canada), Wallkevindev Joseph (Etoile HT), Bertrand Nicolas (Sparte FC / Canada), Christian Coridon (New Jersey / United States) , Madjino Pierre (Sharp Dimitri FC / Dominican Republic) and Anfernee Boy (Gunners / Canada).

Forwards: Georges-Eric Painson (Maestro Fc Mtl / Canada), Jean Gille Berlin Cinque (Stelle FC Mtl / Canada) and Mitchell Syla (Sporting Mtl / Canada). Source

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