Vallieres, a town in the Northeastern Department, had electricity for the first time ever in April. Jovenel Moïse's Twitter Images

Vallières, a commune in the Northeastern Department, has electricity for the first time ever after an electrical center officially went live there on Saturday.

“Access to electricity is now a reality; it’s no longer a luxury for the people of Vallières, who have always been on the fringes of our society,” President Jovenel Moïse posted on Twitter after inaugurating the electrical center. “Since our independence, we have never paid attention to their community. Under my administration, hope is born again.”

Building out the country’s electrical infrastructure is an ongoing program that Moïse had pledged to pursue. 

Vallières also has a road that leads to Mombin Crochu, a town nearby, for the first time, Moïse said. The road is about 10 miles long. Source

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