Screenshot of Lanmò San Jou, leader of the 400 Mawozo gang, and other members of the gang behind him.

The leader of 400 Mawozo, a gang that kidnapped 10 Catholic worshippers last week, said in a radio interview that two French citizens in the group are “important” because France owes Haiti money.

“The French people are important to us,” said Wilson Joseph, better known as Lanmò San Jou, which translates to “death doesn’t know which day it’s coming.” “They’re the ones who got the country to where it’s at now. They owe Haiti a lot of money.”

The gang released one of the people kidnapped, the mother of a priest, on Thursday after receiving USD $50,000, according to local reports

Five priests, two nuns and two members of a priest’s family are still being held captive. Wilson said he will stop feeding them.

President of Senate pleads with Moïse to change staff

President Jovenel Moïse (middle) in a meeting with Joseph Lambert (left), the president of the Senate, and René Sylvestre, the president of the Court of Cassation. Jovenel Moïse’s Twitter Images

Joseph Lambert, the president of the Senate, implored President Jovenel Moïse to change the political staff during a meeting on Monday. Lambert did not specify which members or positions in Moïse’s administration he wanted changed.

“I pleaded the urgent need to renew the political staff, I confirmed my position in favor of a constitutional reform and I support the referendum scheduled for June 27,” Lambert posted on Twitter.

Moïse also said on Twitter that the political instability in Haiti will never end without dialogue. René Sylvestre, the president of the Court of Cassation, was also at the meeting. Source

Anti-Moïse protesters plan to march around Palace a third time

Grounds of Haiti’s national palace in Port-au-Prince. Photo by Vania Andre for The Haitian Times

Anti-government demonstrators have scheduled another march around the National Palace for Wednesday. 

Political organizations opposing Jovenel Moïse’s administration made the announcement at a press conference Monday.

Protesters began marches around the National Palace, circling seven times, earlier this month to call on spirits of the Haitian ancestors to help them overthrow Moïse. Source

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